Article Submission: Requirements and Guidelines

Thank you for considering TEXTILE DIGEST for Publishing your valuable work.

Please ensure that you have prepared your manuscript in line with TEXTILE DIGEST’s general requirements for articles and our specific advice on the different article types. We do not want to publish articles that overlap substantially with articles published elsewhere. Plagiarism – copying other people’s work, citation, without permission and good reason – is a serious form of misconduct which we will never entertain. It may also be unacceptable to submit an article that overlaps substantially with your own previous work (whether published or submitted – to TEXTILE DIGEST or elsewhere). Papers should be well-written, and we encourage grace as well as clarity.

Formatting the Article
The article should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

(1) The length of articles is normally no greater than 5,000 words but should not exceed 7,000 words, including an abstract and notes. An article exceeding the length limit will be returned to the author.

(2) At the beginning of the article, the title, abstract and a list of key words should immediately precede the text. Do not include the author’s name or any other identifying information.

(3) Please use section headings in bold type and number them.

(4) All citations should be in endnotes and not in the text. Number endnotes sequentially with numbers. Use the endnote function in your word processing program so that the notes appear at the end of the article.

(5) References should be given accordingly in superscripts within text.

(6) Font should be 11-point Arial, whether in normal, bold, or italic, including endnotes. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting.

(7) The paragraph break should be indicated by an extra line space rather than an indentation at the beginning of a paragraph.

(8) Only the left hand margin should be justified.

Citations of articles published elsewhere should include author, title, volume number, year, and section number

Rights and Permission
It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material, including images, sound, and video files. It is preferable to place images directly in the text but, when permission is unobtainable, it is acceptable to include a link to the image directly in the text.

Acceptable File Types
Please submit texts in MS Word Format only. PDF files are not acceptable. Images should be in .jpg format.

Submitting an Article
An e-mail message with the article as an attachment should be sent to Use “Submission” as the subject of the email. The e-mail along with the main article, should include (1) the author’s name, (2) the title of the article, (3) an abstract of no more than 150 words (or the statement: “Submission to Short Notes”), and (4) relevant information about the author, his short biography including institutional affiliation, mailing and e-mail addresses, and social profile links.

Once you have prepared your paper observing the formatting, attach it to the e-mail message and click “Send.” An acknowledgement will be sent indicating that the Article has been received. An editor will review, format, edit and post your article, then email you to let you know the article is now available for viewing. Articles posted by an editor in this fashion are not subject to community moderation. Once posted by an editor they are immediately available. There is no charge for submitting an article for review or publication.

Important Note: Have you used someone else’s material in your own work? Have you properly referenced it and given credit to the original author? If you do not properly cite your sources, your account and articles may be forfeit permanently.

Statements of fact and opinion in the articles in TEXTILE DIGEST are those of the respective authors and contributors and not of the editors or sponsor of TEXTILE DIGEST. No representation, express or implied, is made of the accuracy of the material in this online journal and TEXTILE DIGEST cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. The reader should make his or her own evaluation of the accuracy and appropriateness of those materials and data.